The trip made me crave getting back on the trails back home! Many thanks in leading us through the beautiful Berkshires. I loved collecting all the chi energy just passively from Nature and in the wonderful yoga sessions and qigong. I enjoyed the program especially because it was an original combination of disciplines I love. You did a good job!

- Mark B.

The most meaningful impression I came away with was the apparent care, patience and time the instructor took with each person, no matter what level they were at.

- Darya H.

Greg was calm, peaceful and intuitive -- knew just which yoga/qigong flow would restore us and keep us moving. It was great -- I learned, I relaxed, I gained perspective.

- Amy S.

The workshop was an exceptionally satisfying experience; perfect balance, physically and energetically. I received expert instruction. Greg is a generous spirit; knowledgeable and fun. His style is so graceful and meditative -- a gift!

- Sally S.

Greg was patient, flexible and supportive translating his love of yoga into an experience everyone could enjoy.

- Joyce O.

Great presentation, well-paced and challenging. The open, friendly approach and expertise of the presenter was clearly evident. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

- Pat B.

A had a very full and satisfying experience of yoga. Greg tailors the class so that everyone is challenged at his own pace. This is not a "one size fits all" program -- excellent job!

- Paul B.

Excellent, well presented -- the faculty was terrific in both teaching the group and facilitating individuals within the group -- very warm, helpful and positive. I was very impressed by the meditative way Greg spoke throughout the class.

- Fred F.

Greg and his assistant were a great team. They approached the program with a lot of openness and compassion. They were well organized. I enjoyed learning qigong for the first time in my life. Greg is an excellent teacher.

- Diane B.

Excellent, rejuvenating, inspiring, challenging, exhilarating. Warm, clear, super vibes.

- Heidi S.

All of the qigong experiences were extremely meaningful. It was an experience of a lifetime and I will cherish it forever.

- Jackie M.

Presenter was very calm. I loved being with my body in the various gentle movements, learning the history of Tai Chi and Qigong, and controlling my tendency to move too fast. I especially loved the one session we did by the lake and the one we did in the meditation garden.

- Bernice M.

The environment that the faculty creates is very supportive and relaxing. The moment I arrived, I felt at home. In addition, practicing qigong outdoors in Nature was very restorative.

- Ralph G.

This program -- along with the services and food -- far exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high. Greg was wonderfully soothing and attentive as a teacher, yet he challenged me well too.

- Carla A.

Very well designed program. Nice flow and order of activities. Greg brings a depth of knowledge  about the subject; he embodies and inspires graceful movement coordinated with the breath.

- Christopher P.

I loved the combination of physical accomplishments and quiet introspection in the magnificent practice environment I had.

- Nancy C.

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