Qigong and Tai Chi:

Following Movement in Nature

In this DVD, I will lead you in graceful, flowing adaptations of three movement forms.

  • Five Element Qigong
  • Five Animal Frolic Qigong
  • Tai Chi Short Form

The entire DVD is filmedon location against spectacular backdrops of lakes, waterfalls and the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  My instructions are studio recorded with music tracks added from Nalu and Picture Dreams by Riley Lee.

"It is hard to tell who is flowing more smoothly and gracefully-- the water or Greg. This DVD can help you embody nature and nature's healing energies. It is easy to follow and a joy to watch." Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A, M.S.Th., Author of The Way of Qigong, and Taoism: Essential-Teachings

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